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Five Tips and Ideas on how to Navigate & Manoeuvre the five turns of the released Event Road Map.

The lockdown interruption has blown a cloud of uncertainty on events; however, thanks to the vaccine, we now see the light at the end of the tunnel to kick-start our event planning journey with the released road map.

Whilst the road map brings clarity of key dates, albeit, at a slow speed due to safety, these dates have ignited mixed feelings, especially amongst spring season couples who had to postpone their original 2020 spring wedding to spring 2021.

Many are now at a crossroad of where to head with it or how to go around the restrictions' bumpy details. We advocate to postpone rather than cancel your big day altogether but also see reasons why you may want to go ahead which includes but not limited to some of the reasons below

Personal You have chosen the wedding date around a memorable date, birthday, memorial day etc. and you want the exact date on your certificate.

Sentimental You prefer to marry in that season, i.e. Spring is your favourite season of the year, your wedding is Spring themed, and you have chosen designer and venue location around these factors.

Financial You have paid all your suppliers in full and will lose large bulk if you have to rearrange.

Logistical It can be difficult postponing your wedding again due to the logistics of having all your suppliers who you have carefully chosen to work with you being randomly available for your next desired date or the odds of finding a new set of suppliers you will like their work as much as those you had to forfeit.

Legal Maybe you were just about to buy that house together under "Mr & Mrs" title on the mortgage deed before the lockdown.

Religious/Cultural reasons and you need to move in together; it could be you have courted for a while or you are pregnant and want the baby born into wedlock.

Whatever your reason for being at a crossroad with the released Road Map, why not have a look at the five ideas we put together and do let us know in the comments if you are accelerating, turning right, making a U-turn, taking 360 degrees turn around, or parking your wedding planning trip.


ACCELERATE: Do you come from a nuclear family? Why not keep your original date, have parents from both sides present put your foot on the gas and accelerate to solemnise your union with just the six of you between the 8th of March to the 11th of April 2021? You get a marriage certificate with your original date and can have a big party with extended family and friends later if you so wish.


TURN RIGHT: If you both have siblings, it is only right for them to witness your day; the option to have 15 guests from the 12th of April to 16th of May could suit you better; these guest size can take two average family or smaller family of two including best friends. You get a marriage certificate with your original date and have a big party with extended family and friends later if you so wish.


U TURN: From the 17th of May to the 20th of June parties can resume with an allowance of thirty, so you can turn around and reduce your guests to 30?

This option works well if your circumstances are not as flexible to move your date and you originally had a small to an average-sized wedding, i.e., 60-100, so you can half or one third your original size and go ahead with a smaller crowd which fits most families and a handful of friends, You get to keep your original date and can take your work colleagues and not so close friends for a drink later if you so wish.


TURN AROUND: The more the merrier; do you have a large crowd? Are your circumstances flexible enough? Is it your preference to have your ceremony and reception party on the same day? Why not do a 360 turn around and stick to having your desired wedding guest size from the 21st of June when there will be no restrictions to all type of events.


PARK: There isn't a one size fit all, so whilst deflated tyres can be changed and low tanks can be refuelled, you may not fall in any of the above category, so if your battery is completely depleted or engine is overheated, it is time to park and rethink the journey.

Prioritise your wellbeing and call for rescue. Have you lost your job due to the COVID19, maybe you are just not in the right place mentally for a party having lost a loved one?

It could be a close family member or even your spouse to be…

Well if you have taken wedding insurance now is the time to call the insurance provider for rescue, why not park now and resume the journey when your health and mental wellbeing state has been MOT certified worthy of a new journey down the wedding planning road.

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