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Dance Floors: Types Do's and Dont's!!

Dance Floor is so versatile nowadays at weddings, they come in different styles and shapes.

Wooden Dance Floor- This type of dance area is already demarcated at most venues around the UK which means this is cost effective for brides on budget as its all inclusive of your venue hire. Hilton is a good example of a venue that have this floor

Checkered Dance Floor: The black and white square box designs..Do you love chess? then this was made for you! they range from £100- £500 depending on size required

LED Dance Floor- most popular of all dancefloor ranges, versatile as it can be built into any venue in any size wired or wireless, also popular because they twinkle and keeps the dance going on they range from 8ft by 8ft to 26ft by 26ft from £300 to £800

Tips: for an extra £200ish you could personalise this floor by sticking bride and groom names, wedding dates, logos in any colour to the centre of your LED white dancefloor

Decal Dance Floor: This is absolutely stunning as it comes in plain white gloss finish and adds a class of its own to any venue, starting from £1500 for a 10ft by 10ft size it is not your best friend if you are on a budget but it is fairly reasonable as its custom made decals and can never be reused so worth every penny. When a bride requests for the decal dance floor and I am in charge of the planning my advise is always to go for the LED Dancefloor and leave the twinkle lights switched off!! I know its a no brainer right? But not so many people know this saves you £900 (well that is my job as a planner to save you so much on every aspect of your wedding yet attain every dream within your budget) .. guess what it looks exactly the same!! see picture attached

Mirror Dance Floor: This is again custom made for you like a Decal but with a mirror finish same price as above but again worth it for the supplier as its bespoke and one use only , also to you as it gives a great finesse to your venue.

Glass Dance Floor: This type of dance floor is becoming popular starts from £3000 for a 10ft size it is ideal for the glass lovers but I would suggest it only to be used if there are no kids at your event.

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